Bands Wolfgang Dorninger plays/played

Ambient-Techno Act
The band is active and busy
– The Smiling Buddhas, Band, 1996-
Sound Art project by Wolfgang Dorninger
The project is active and prosperous
– DORNINGER, band, 1998-
Industrial-Techno Act
The band is still active but not that busy
– Wipeout, Band, 1992-
Melodic techno with Vocals
The band is at the moment not active.
– Dorn, Band, 2011-6 - 2015-12
Noise project by Dorninger/Linschinger
The band is not active any more

Aural Screenshots, Band, 1995-1997

Noise project with lyrics by William Shakespeare
The band is not active any more

Josef K. Noyce, Band, 1985-1993

Industrial Music act with visuals
The band is not active any more
– Monochrome Bleu, Band, 1984-1992