Parade - The Simonga-Maliko at Mayrwiese

Recording location: Mayrwiese, Linz, Austria

2009, May

BikeMike - Parade - The Simonga-Maliko at Mayrwiese

Soundsource: The Simonga-Maliko moved on the left way up to the top and I moved in middle of the Mayrwiese (where I learned skiing). The music sounds from ~150 meters away to my Soundman microphons but then they walked behind a ridge and I could only hear them from very far away. On the right side of my path there is a little forest and if you concentrate on the right channel of the recording you can hear this beautiful delays and echos out of the forest.

Recorded with Zoom H2 and Soundman OKM on May 3rd 2009 in Linz, Austria.

Length of the recording: 4:30

Image: People moving behind the Simonga-Maliko up to the Pöstlingberg in Linz, Austria.

Recording & picture by Wolfgang Dorninger