16 Sep

Fadimat105 - Playlist 3.9.2013

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Fadimat105 - Playlist 3.9.2013

50 Years of Compact Cassette - Music from the Die Ind Tapelabel

artist -album -track -label

Cage of Reason -V.A. - Tape Report No.2 -Man in the thornwall -die ind
The Cassandra Complex -V.A. - Tape Report No.2 -Frankie Teardrop -die ind
Problemist -V.A. - Tape Report No.0 -Krank -die ind
Viscera -V.A. - Tape Report No.0 -Clipboard Bodies -die ind
Psyclones -V.A. - Tape Report No.1 -The Games We Play -die ind
The Deeep Freeze Mice -V.A. - Tape Report No.3 -Till Down -die ind
Hans Platzgumer -V.A. - Tape Report No.3 -Don't want to waste another day -die ind

16 Sep

Call for Lisboa!

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Call: Workshop Lisboa

CALL FOR LISBOA (scroll down for the english version)

Workshop text2field-recordings

11 Sep

Sound Development City 2013 - Newletter 12

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Newsletter #12


We're very happy to announce the launch of a logbook website built especially for the Sound Development City 2013 expedition, developed in co-operation with Astrom/Zimmer. Based on the idea of an expedition logbook, the website faces the challenges of documenting our experimental format by allowing all participants to send text, sound, images and videos to the website from their own channels.
Discover the new logbook website! Daily updates beginning September 23rd:

10 Sep

Pictures from The Aural-Memory-Machine (Ars Electronica 2013)

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Wolfgang Dorninger, Petra Anlanger, Volker Kagerer, Richard Eigner, Wolfgang Kreuzhuber und Georg Edlinger

19 Aug

Happy Birthday: The Compact Cassette Got 50!

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The Compact Cassette Got 50!: Dorninger and Tape Report #5 (final issue, 1990, die ind 27)The Compact Cassette Got 50!: Dorninger and Tape Report #5 (final issue, 1990, die ind 27)

And the media is still alive and my tape recorder is still playing my old tapes!

Some of you know that I run a cassette label in the 80ies (1984 - 1992). die ind published 29 tapes with music from Monochrome Bleu, Josef K. Noyce, The Tape Report series (international compilation), the Fadimat series (local compilation) and ..... some with artwork by Leo Schatzl.

The label was well know in the so called field of cassette culture. Try to find some informtions on the net about this movement.

08 Aug

"membrane": 2x7" vinyl is landed!

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membrane by Dorningermembrane by Dorninger


"membrane" should be out early 2010. Finally the digital edition made it to be published at Bandcamp december 2012. Now the vinyl edition (base) is ready for shipping! Why did I need that long to finish the album? I don't know. The whole process was a rollercoster with many ups and downs. Simple said: The last composition did not finish.

If you still love vinyl "membrane" (music based on field-recordings but sounding really electronic) is a must. Available at base shop mid august.