text2field-recordings at Soundscapes & Sound Identities

2012 - ongoing, Sound Installation, Sound Intervention, Interactive Music & Text Performance

2015 may

text2field-recordings at Soundscapes & Sound Identities

7th international FKL symposium on soundscape CASTELLO DI BESENO, Besenello (TN), ITALY
March 22-24 2015

Texts are played on a keyboard: every letter triggers a specific field recording that was previously filed in a thematic sound container. The text is the composition. The performer controls only the length and velocity. More info on the project text2field-recordings.

At “Soundscapes & Sound Identities” the seventh international symposium on soundscape organized by the FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft) at Castello di Beseno in Besenello (TN), Italy I performed two containers with following text:

"Altough poisened by smog I can smell Italy once I pass the Brennero" performed with soundcontainer "spiritual" with fielrecordings by Dorninger from Nepal, Mustang, Venice, Lithuania, ....

"Castello di Beseno was never attacked with silence." performed with soundcontainer "water" with field-recordings by Dorninger from all over the world.

The plugin „text2field-recordings“ was supported by bm:uuk, Linz Kultur and the Kulturabteilung Land OÖ im Jahr 2012.

Pix: Sara Maino

Wolfgang Dorninger
"text2field-recordings", 2012/20xx

Soundinstallation, Performance
Länge: changing
Usine (host)
Plugin text2field-recordings (text -> midi -> sound -> projection of text)
Soundsystem (best quadro with subwoofer)