text2field-recordings “From Linz to Johannesburg”

2012 - ongoing, Sound Installation, Sound Intervention, Interactive Music & Text Performance

2014 Mar

text2field-recordings “From Linz to Johannesburg”

text2field-recordings by Wolfgang Dorninger contributed a videowork “From Linz to Johannesburg” to L F ST L by Malose Malahlela at VANSA (Visual Arts Network of South Africa) in Johannesburg on March 29th.

Malose Malahlela wrote a text on how Lisboa and Marseille sounded to him on the SDC2013 expedition (September/October 2013).

Here is the text from Malose: "Lisboa is a quiet city from my 5 day experience walking in it, going through different streets hoping to capture dialogue that exist in sound caused by the everyday. I don’t want to feel like I have to search for sound but more of a sense that the dialogue that’s created when multiple sounds communicate forging a harmonic window in chaos, dawns on you as a listener. Marseille had that texture of sound and it reminded me a lot of Jozi, inner city."

I used two sound containers (tech-stuff & mixed-stuff) from Lisboa for the first two sentences and for the last one I used the water/city sound container from Marseille.

On the video you can hear fieldrecordings from the water/city sound container from Marseille triggered by the text: "Marseille had that texture of sound and it reminded me a lot of Jozi, inner city."

Wolfgang Dorninger
"text2field-recordings", 2012/20xx

Soundinstallation, Performance
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Usine (host)
Plugin text2field-recordings (text -> midi -> sound -> projection of text)
Soundsystem (best quadro with subwoofer)