Tonga Music Remix for „one man – one note“ re/calling Siachilaba

2015, Remix, Performance

2015 Jul

"Tonga Music Remix" by Dorninger for „one man – one note“ re/calling Siachilaba

The "Tonga Music Remix" by Wolfgang Fadi Dorninger was performed with recordings from the second and third day of the Parade curated by Keith Goddard and Peter Kuthan for Linz09 Kulturhauptstadt Europas. The recordings in the first part of the remix have been done by Klaus Hollinetz and when the Tonga music starts by Wolfgang Dorninger.

The recording of the remix was done by Marcus C. Diess (Freies Radio Salzkammergut / Tonga On Air) on July 19th 2015 at the closing event of „one man – one note“ re/calling Siachilaba at Deutschvilla in Strobl, Austria.

The interaction of the kids is live and fits perfectly into the mix. Sad, that you can't see one of them dancing now and then.

Programm/Ausstellungsgestaltung: Peter Kuthan, Fina Esslinger

Wolfgang Dorninger
"Tonga Music Remix", 2015

Remix, Performance
Länge: changing
Computer with Midi Keybord, Controller
Soundsystem (best quadro with subwoofer)

Pics: Livepic by Werner Puntigam, Painting by Georg Ritter