Fadimat105 - Playlist 5.3.2013

Fadimat105 - Playlist 5.3.2013

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Bad Cop Bad Cop -Wings Of Techno -Mudshark Galore -Pomelo Records
DJ OLIVE -THWIS -Grope -The Agriculture
Takamovsky -In Streams -Data d'amour -ETYMTONE
Bad Cop Bad Cop -Wings Of Techno (remixed) -Bodyless Material (Group Niob RMX) -Pomelo Records
King Ayisoba -Modern Ghanaians -My Friend, My Friend -Makkum Records
King Ayisoba -Modern Ghanaians -Don't do the Bad Thing -Makkum Records
The Exaltics -Muted World -The Exaltics Every Beginning has an End -Trust
Pixel -Mantle -Nesting Screen -raster-noton
Pixel -Mantle -Steel Tape -raster-noton
drumcorps - heartstrong -there are two moons -bandcamp
URBAW -Move The Werewolves -Errol Dix Remix2 -cwm-music
Bong-Ra - Conquering Lion -Rise Above -bandcamp
Delplanque, Mathias -Chutes -VI -Baskaru
Dorninger -membrane -Life In Flexible Cities -base
DJ OLIVE -THWIS -Side By Each -The Agriculture
Takamovsky -In Streams -The Central Speechscrambler II -ETYMTONE
Dorninger -membrane -Micro-Move -base
Debashis Sinha -ThankYouDownload Sinha -Anudrutam -homepage protion
Bad Cop Bad Cop -Wings Of Techno (remixed) -Hilton Hihat (Tobias RMX) -Pomelo Records
Mark Templeton -Jealous Heart -kingdom key -Under The Spire Recordings
Dorninger -membrane -Space -base
macchinisti -black pool -black pool -cwm-music
LARB -MHFrendomix -demo

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air: 105 Mhz area of Linz, Austria
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