Music = Mobil!

Rega Planar: My turntable!Rega Planar: My turntable!

Most of the people listen to music mobil!

As I wrote in some blog-entries before we have constant changes in the way we listen/consum/interact music.

When I was a kid I bought vinyl 12" records and seldom 7" singles (mostly from Ralph Records). Why? I love the album. Not the hit or song was my prefered music experience, no it was the album. I've spent many hours a day listening to albums alone or with friends to get not only a song or music. The artistic behind was the thing I was into.
And very important to me: A perfect soundsystem depending on the music I liked. I prefer precise mid-high output with soft bass. A mix of old British studio monitors and a subwoofer with a soft chassis you know from guitar amps like Vox to get the bass slow and dubby.

With the Walkman and later the CD-Player music became mobil. Was quite funny to listen to music in the fields or on the bike or at school.
But my interest was still the album.
But the mobilsound was poor. Even with expensive headphones.

Then the computer became the center of work, studies and commuication. And people including me started to place two tiny speakers left and right of the monitor. The soundfile's name: mp3. Poor sound, the track, file or soung was the media. And poor enough you need a software to get organised.
Soundquality? Whatfor?! It comes from the computer. Great!

Next revolution: The telephon.
Now we don't even need a computer. The mobil makes it. Again mp3 or whateverfile. Soundquality? Even worser.

And the computer / mobil thing wins!

If you type modern speakers into a search engine you'll find speakers like this:
Modern Speakers -
Bulb speakers at
speakers out of card board (they will sound maybe great"
iPhone speakers from another planet -

Final statement: As a youngster growing up with compressed music you like the sound as it is. As an "oldie" like me I starve a little bit. Most of the music I like on the computer sound terrible on my home system.