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Everyone is talking about Twitter, Tumblr, ..... but I am still a big fan of the rss-feed. The best information, knowledge and inspiration I'll get out of my subscribed blogs.

So here I am:

eContact! 14.3 presents articles and artistic statements on Turntablism:

Stockhausen Lectures
British Lectures (1972-1973): 7 lectures given by Stockhausen in England in 1972 and 1973, filmed by Allied Artists, London. All lectures were given in English by Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007):

I already changed to Ableton Live also in the studio but now the message dropped in that Mackie sold the Tracktion software to real Tracktion-fans! I offened Mackie very often to update or sell this great piece of software. No its done!

"The winds of Ocean Breeze lament Staten Island's dead" is a beautiful discovery (comment by Scanner) of sound, a composition of architecture and wind.

Music Business?!
“Music for Everyone”: The EU Commissioner Michel Barnier in charge of copyright will address the music industry at midem 2013 and leran some lectures there.

The Birth of Our Modern Obsession with Maps.

Thats it for first. Enjoy reading and save some rss-atoms!