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base T-Shirts!: Wow! Headbanging girl wearing a base t-shirt!base T-Shirts!: Wow! Headbanging girl wearing a base t-shirt!

base T-shirts

Base started 1997. We never made T-shirts! Why???!!! Wrong decision. The raving girl with the base shirt is like a poem. And creating stories is our business.

If you wanna buy base T-shirts, here is our online shop: base @ dizzyjam.

"The Alps" by The Smiling Buddhas

First reviews arrived in our inbox: mica & Clubbing Spain

Via Pullproxy the feedback ist also very positive in a range from "awesome" to "coool one" to "what a fantastic music! i love it i really love your level of abstraction mind." to "Great one, Thunder And Lightning Near Stüdlhütte is Amaze!!" .... read more here!

The Smiling Buddhas also created a new homepage: Buddhas HP

New base shop software and shop!

As I wrote in a blog entry some weeks ago we had to change the software of our base shop. Not because of the software we worked over the last seven years. The story is simple trold: company sold, new business model, more costs, .... services closed down. The good thing after the change of the softare is, that we love our new shop even more than the old one. We are still adding new records and digital files, the new base shop is still under construction but on highest performance.

Our latest releases at the new base shop: "The Alps", "membrane" or old and new vinly.

base 2014

In the pipeline are three projects: "Latium" by The Smiling Buddhas, a soundart album by Dorninger ("text2field-recordings")and maybe a Wipe Out or fadiDORNinger album.

All the best for 2014!

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