11 Apr

Light at the end of the tunnel?

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1/2 of The Smiling Buddhas: Our next album Latium will be vinyl!1/2 of The Smiling Buddhas: Our next album Latium will be vinyl!

For me two changes in music-industry strategy lead to big market-losses years before mp3: The end of mom & pop stores and more media, less content!

1* end of mom & pop stores

Ages before iTunes the Mom & Pop stores perfectly distributed and promoted new music to their customers. When I did civil service in a hospital the record store nearby had several medical doctors as customers. The shop owner knew very precise about their musical taste, budget and value. Medical doctors work app. 60 hours a week and have no time for music magazines and extended listeng sessions with friends. They needed consultation expertise and the mom & pops store provided it. The shop owner nearby the hosipital told me that she could make a living with her best 30 customers. They showed up at least once a month and it was her job to present at least 20 records of the favored genre. After 30 minutes 75% of the presented records had been sold. Mainly high priced boxes of the classical music genre. Best: She sold about 600 blues and 1000 jazz records every month. When did it change. With CD and chain stores. Some days before she closed the store she found time to tell me why she is closing her little but successful store. First: The distribution services of the major record companies closed their sales organization. Second: The chaines got a better price. Third: The streamlined their label rooster. And they could afford it. The new medium CD made it possible. Labels re-issued with and without contracts, production, storeing and distribution was cheaper. Bye bye big back-catalogue, bye bye niche products and worst for mom & pop stores: short cycle. And it worked so fine and easy for the record industry because of the CD. But not that long as we know.

02 Feb

"The Alps" - digital links!

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"The Alps" by The Smiling Buddhas - The Digital Download-Links!

Digital Downloads
Clone D\G\T\L

04 Dec

Out now! "The Alps" by The Smiling Buddhas!

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"The Alps" by The Smiling Buddhas


27 Nov

Black Friday: 20% off at base shop!

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Friday the 29th 2013 is Black Friday!

Comes as many good and bad things from the US of A and means the day after Thanks Giving. And it is the start of the Christmas sales season. To start a great season means also great offers. So companies give special price offers on the Black Friday.

2013 we join in! The BASE SHOP offers you a 20% off for all records in the shop at Black Friday!

The coupon code is: O3Q4AP5FKXJ1 (only valid on friday 29th, 2013)

21 Nov

base shop closed the old shop & opened a new one!

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The Smiling Buddhas - Thunder and Lightning near Stüdlhütte

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thunder & lightning and heavy rain on the way up to the Stüdlhütte near to the Großglockner (3.798m) . fast walking up to the save alpine hut, high pulse & fear!

00:05:27 minutes (11.24 MB)
11 Oct

DORN @ bandcamp

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For those who love Bandcamp Houztekk Records uploaded their stuff to the camp!

More links for other download-services here!