Puckjäger gegen Wölfe

2017, Feb

BikeMike - Puckjäger gegen Wölfe

Soundsource: Puckjäger traun II gegen Amstetten Wölfe II: 2nd game best of three. The recording is from the beginning of the third third of the game Puckjäger (puckster) Traun II gegen Amstetten Wölfe (wolves) II. I was located behind the goal of the Amstetten Wölfe on the boards. The game ended 2:1 für the pucksters! Playoff standing: 1:1!

Zoom H2 with built-in microphones, Eishalle Traun February 17th 2017

Image: Nice playoff game!

Recording & pic by Wolfgang Dorninger

Puckjäger gegen Wölfe