Birds on May 1st 2020

2020, May

Birds Singing at 5am on May 1st

Soundsource: The lockdown changed everything, including the acoustic quality on Freistädterstrasse, a transit street in Linz, Austria. Traffic noise usually dominates the acoustical events in the district. But now in times of lockdown the sound has changed a lot. A wider dynamic range, silence, noise from time to time, no planes, but many birds were heard. It's a shame that this condition is changing again. By loosening the shutdown, the traffic increases again, the leveling behind noise protection windows and the walls become normal again.

Zoom H2 with built-in microphones, Freistädterstrasse in Linz, Austria at 5 am on May 1st 2020.

Image: Gone nature within the city!

Recording & pic by Wolfgang Dorninger

Birds on May 1st 2020