Mic. 4: Audiotest Kokerei Zollverein

2002, Oct

BikeMike - Mic. 4: Audiotest Kokerei Zollverein

Soundsource: October 14th 2002 I did an audiotest in the closed coking plant Kokerei Zollverein in Essen, Germany.

Reason of the test: Finding out how this big building sounds and interacts acoustically for an exhibition - Ruhr Triennale.

Technical setup: 8 microphones - AKG 414 Mk.II --> Yamaha 02R --> Tascam DA88

The space has 3 floors. ground floor 2 mics, middle floor 4 mics, upper floor 2 mics.

On this recording you can listen microphon 4 - middle floor next to the mixing desk. At the beginnen I am crying down to Alex through an open slot. You hear the same recording than on Mic. 8: Audiotest Kokerei Zollverein. I am moving down from the top of the choking plant to the ground floor.

Image: Kokerei Zollverein in Essen, Germany

Recording & picture by Wolfgang Dorninger

Mic. 4: Audiotest Kokerei Zollverein