Asten: Leerer Klärturm

1999, May

BikeMike - Asten: Leerer Klärturm

Soundsource: Another recording for my music-piece called "Asten" for "Resocycling" for the festival "Randzonen" by the Festival der Regionen in Upper-Austria 25.6. - 4.7.1999.

I did this recording on the roof of the Asten sewage-plant with an AKG 414 Mk II on DAT. One of the three 20 meter high sewage-towers was empty for maintenance and so I could rope down the AKG 5 meters into the sewage-tower.

Outside I made noise with a steelwire, then an airplane and birds overflew the opening of the sewage-tower. Bad notice: The flight bomber of the Operation Allied Force faces Serbia for bombings.

Check out the awesome reverb created by this hudge building!

You can buy a cd with booklet of "Asten" here!

Image: Wolfgang Dorninger sings into a Klärturm (sewage-tower) in Asten, Austria

Recording & picture by Wolfgang Dorninger

Asten: Leerer Klärturm