Early Morning in Lo Mantang

2008, Aug

BikeMike - Early Morning in Lo Mantang

Soundsource: Lo Mantang is the capital of the "Kingdom of Lo" or Mustang, Nepal. There is so much to tell about Lo Mantang, the beauty, history, the King of Lo, friendly people, cold showers, high altitude (3800-4000m), Mustang horses, beautiful mandalas in the monasteries, no cars, 2 traktors, busy souvenir-dealers, washing cloth on the fountain with the local people, cheap and crappy goods from China, .......

Book tip: Michel Peissel "Mustang - A Lost Tibetan Kingdom" from 1964

About the recording: Six o'clock in the morning. Lo Mantang awakes: birds, people, cows, monks and at the end one of the two traktors makes noise. No cars, no trams, no noise we used to know from our western world. Enjoy this 16 minutes recorded straight out of the tent outside the Lo Mantang citywalls.

Zoom H2 with built-in microphones, Lo Mantang, Mustang August 16th 2008

Image: Lo Mantang: The capital of Mustang, Nepal. App. 4.000m high.

Recording & pic by Wolfgang Dorninger

Early Morning in Lo Mantang