Holy Bells of Muktinath

2008, Aug

BikeMike - Holy Bells of Muktinath

Soundsource: Hindus and Buddhists alike visit Muktinath since hundreds of years. Its a very holy place where you can find water, air and fire on the same place.

In the middle of the Muktinath Temple area is a gallery with hundreds of bells of all sizes surrounded by the "108 Water Spouts" (you can hear them quite well in the background) where pilgrims fill water of all 108 different sources into a bootle to drink this holy water and also to bring it home.

The bells fascinated me a lot and the picture shows a very interesting arrangement.

Recorded with Zoom H2 and Soundman OKM. August 22nd 2008.

Image: Some holy bells in the Muktinath Temple, Lower Mustang, Nepal

Recording & pic by Wolfgang Dorninger

Holy Bells of Muktinath