Parade 3rd Day at Petrinum

2009, May

BikeMike - Big Parade at Petrinum

Soundsource: Parade is a project curated by Keith Goddard and Peter Kuthan for Linz09.

Location: This recording was done in the courtyard of the Petrinum monastery in Linz, Austria.

The bands marched into the courtyard and did a "concert" while marching rounds or taking a position in the space. The music of the bands blend into each other. A constant waving. Beautiful!

First you get the music of the Masterdrummers of Nepal , than the Donau Brass (Austria) mixed with the Masterdrummers , then Albin Paulus & Stephan Steiner Duo (Austria) mixed into Shanbehzzadeh Duo from Iran and then the Simonga-Maliko (Zimbabwe) marched in followed by Sekembuke & Siga from Zansibar.

Recorded with Zoom H2 and Soundman OKM May 3rd 2009.

Length: 23:04

Image: Parade - 3rd Day At Petrinum: Masterdrummer of Nepal before drumming and marching.

Recording & picture by Wolfgang Dorninger

Parade 3rd Day at Petrinum