Sakya Monastery, Kagbeni

2008, Aug

BikeMike - Sakya Monastery, Kagbeni

Soundsource: In the afternoon we visited the Kag Chode Thupten Samphel Ling or Sakya Monastery founded by Tenpai Gyaltsen in 1429. When the light went off around 10 o'clock the monks started their celebration in the monastery. At these days there was so much sorrow in the monks voices and drumming because of the burning suicides and the brutal oppression in Tibet.

I put my Zoom H2 into the open window of our bathroom to record the ceremony which happend 200 meters away. So you'll get the door, the water tripping, ... animals.

Kagbeni August 9th 2008

Image: Early morning in Kagbeni, Mustang,Nepal. In the background the Dhaulagiri.

Recording & pic by Wolfgang Dorninger

Sakya Monastery, Kagbeni