Tacker Rhythm

2009, Apr

BikeMike - Tacker Rhythm

Recorded during the setup of the exhibition "Haydn explosiv".

"Haydn explosiv" is an outstanding exhibition at Schloss Esterhazy in Eisenstadt curated by Herbert Lachmayer. March / April 2009 I had the pleasure to create the sounddesign and a soundtrack for this exhibition. While doing the installation I recorded some nice sounds from the workprocess.

Soundsource: A worker attached fabric to an object with a tacker. What I really like is not only the sound of the tacker in the castle it is the rhythmn created by the workprocess.

Recorded with Zoom H2 and built-in microphon 44.1khz/24bit

Image: The Roy Lichtenstein carpet from a different perspective!

Recording & picture by Wolfgang Dorninger

Tacker Rhythm