DRKMBNT live at Amro 2022


DRKMBNT is proud to present "Tiny Techno Orchestra" live at AMRO 2022 (Art Meats Radical Openess)

Date:16.06.2022, DRKMBNT starting at 21:40
Location: DH5 in Linz, Austria
Shared Folders of Open Knowledge

Shared Folders of Open Knowledge is the AMRO22 hybrid showcase night where knowledge is shared in an open and participatory setting: no-one is a teacher but everyone is an expert. During the event diverse AMRO participants will share their knowledge and expertise through different formats: talks, debates, workshops, performances and transmedia storytelling.

Contributions: Birgit Bachler – Of Mayflies and other bugs on my Internet of Things
Christoph Döberl – Is it a bug or a feature?
DRKMBNT – Tiny Techno Orchestra
eeefff – Tactical Forgetting
Yann Patrick Martins – Sound Attention Labour
Matthias Pitscher – We are the human. Stories of AI around a digital campfire

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AMRO 2022
Location: DH5

DRKMBNT live at Amro 2022 DRKMBNT live at Amro 2022