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I work with field-recordings since 30 years when I bought my first Sony Professional Walkman. Over the years I created many compositions with field-recordings which led into a controversy: Do I still work with fieldrecordings or is it just a kind of strange form of sound synthesis? I have to explain that sometimes I used very short segments to loop them to create layers of tuned sonorities. I lost the aleatoric of the recording-situation completly and so I had to find new ways of composition and presentation.

"text2field-recordings" uses text as an algorithmn to perform music. The text comes by the audience or project related sources and will be projected on a screen as played. Active characters are highlighted others are grey. So the audience can follow the text to sound transformation. The field-recordings are collected by the artist on site or from his archive. There are several sound-containers available - the audience can choose - with more than 60 field-recordings in each of them. As the text comes from the audience the text defines the composing process, the performer only decides how long and loud the field-recordings are played. This close interaction between audience and performer and the audience itself as a text-contributor creates a very close (intimate) realtime-interaction within a music-performance. The text and the live-recordings will be collected on a project page of the artist to create a social text-/soundcomposition.

May 2012: First tries with Arduino, PD and other software. No results. Restart with Usine as host. Programmer Thomas Gangl programmed the plugin "text2field-recordings" end of 2012/early 2013. First test performances April 2013. Premiere at plattform: #11[no budget] Tübingen, Germany (May 31st).

The plugin „text2field-recordings“ was supported by bm:uuk, Linz Kultur and the Kulturabteilung Land OÖ im Jahr 2012.

"text2field-recordings" creates a realtime text, sound and live action role play.

Performance, Sound Interventions

The audience for example - depends on the context - gets pieces of paper with information and pecils to donate f.e. poetry, political statements, slogans or just abstract variations of letters. The textcreator can also decide what soundcontainer (7-8 containers with topics like water, technology, rural, machines/nature, ... are availabe) should be used. text2field-recordings is a musical performance using a wide dynamic from harsh and powerfull to very intimate and silent soundscapes.

In Lisboa and Marseille I asked the citizens of both cities to contribute text on how the perceive the sound of their city. After a field-recording workshop people from both cities and me recorded sounds within the city which was the soundmaterial for the performance. In Lisboa also the workshop-participants perfomed text to fieldrecordings live. Detailed information on the project "text2field-recordings" within Sound Development City 2013 can bei found here.


Feel free to download the SDC2013 catalogue-contribution text2field-recordings here.


SDC2013 radio contribution on "text2fieldrecordings".

Live recording of the presentation in Lisboa at the beautiful backyard of Palácio Sinel de Cordes, the headquarter of the Trienal Arquitectura Lisboa.

Sound Installations

Depends on the location and context. For Ars Electronica 2013 I opened up my personal archive and placed six terminals in the biggest dome in Linz Austria, the Mariendom. People could create constant layers of sound through text individually but also perform with other players in the space during the day.

Performances, Interventions, Installations:

2015, May 22nd: Soundscapes & Sound Identities - The 7th international FKL symposium on soundscape will take place at Castello Di Beseno in Besenello (TN), ITALY from May 22th - 24th 2015. More info here.

2015, January 23rd: Alte Schmiede, Vienna. More info here.

2014, March 29th: Contribution via net to “because I had sound&video tech in my backpack” by South-African artist Malose Malahlela in Johannesburg, South Africa. More info on the project.

2013: Sound Development City 2013 with "text2field-recordings" (Lisboa 28th, Marseille 9th)

2013: Ars Electronica 2013: Nightly concert of Aural-Memory-Machine at Mariendom Linz (September 7th) feat. Petra Anlanger (AT), Richard Eigner (AT), Georg Edlinger (AT), Volker Kagerer (AT) and the organplayer of the dome Wolfgang Kreuzhuber (AT). Ars Electronica 2013: Aural-Memory-Machine: Six channel sound installation at Mariendom Linz (September 7th during the day)

2013: First public performance of "text2field-recordings": Live at plattform: #11[no budget] Tübingen, Germany (May 31st)

Wolfgang Dorninger
"text2field-recordings", 2012/20xx
Soundinstallation, Performance
Länge: changing
Usine (host)
Plugin text2field-recordings (text -> midi -> sound -> projection of text)
Soundsystem (best quadro with subwoofer)

For more information:
Sound Development City 2013
Dorninger at Sound Development City 2013
Aural Memory Machine at Ars Electronica 2013

sdc2013: text2field-recordings from Wolfgang Dorninger on Vimeo.

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