SDC 2013 feat. text2field-recordings

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Sound Development City 2013 feat. text2field-recordings

Sound De­vel­op­ment City 2013 was an artistic ex­ped­i­tion that star­ted on Septem­ber 23rd in Lis­boa and ended on Oc­to­ber 9th in Mar­seille. 13 se­lec­ted artists work­ing with sound, music, per­form­ance and in other cul­tural fields de­veloped 9 pro­jects, based on the ex­ped­i­tion's theme „Dan­cing Part­ners“, while ex­per­i­en­cing and re­viv­ing urban spaces.

The sound intervention text2field-recordings is based on field-recordings taken by workshop participants and the artist during the expedition, focusing on nature and technology. The recordings are gathered in so-called “Sound Containers”, and unveil the sound patterns and systems of the cities. The citizens of Lisboa and Marseille provide short texts describing “the sound of their city”. These texts are processed through self-written software into a composition based on the previously created “Sound Containers”.

In Lisboa and Marseille I asked the citizens of both cities to contribute text on how they perceive the sound of their city. After a field-recording workshop people from both cities and me recorded sounds within the city which was the soundmaterial for the performance. In Lisboa also the workshop-participants perfomed text to fieldrecordings live. Detailed informations on the project via Sound Development City 2013.


Feel free to download the SDC2013 catalogue-contribution text2field-recordings here.


SDC2013 radio contribution on "text2fieldrecordings".

Live recording of the presentation in Lisboa at the beautiful backyard of Palácio Sinel de Cordes, the headquarter of the Trienal Arquitectura Lisboa.

Pixs by Nik/Sound Development City

The plugin „text2field-recordings“ was supported by bm:uuk, Linz Kultur and the Kulturabteilung Land OÖ im Jahr 2012.

Wolfgang Dorninger
"text2field-recordings", 2012/20xx

Soundinstallation, Performance
Länge: changing
Usine (host)
Plugin text2field-recordings (text -> midi -> sound -> projection of text)
Soundsystem (best quadro with subwoofer)

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sdc2013: text2field-recordings from Wolfgang Dorninger on Vimeo.

SDC 2013 feat. text2field-recordings SDC 2013 feat. text2field-recordings SDC 2013 feat. text2field-recordings SDC 2013 feat. text2field-recordings SDC 2013 feat. text2field-recordings SDC 2013 feat. text2field-recordings