1992 - 1994


1992 - 1994 (out of order)

A 7inch - singles club (or call it label) run by Just Dornetshuber (R.I.P.), Wolfgang Dorninger and Rainer Krispel. It was planned as a 7inch vinyl project with underground music from Linz Austria for a year with a monthly output of one 7inch. That's why we named it 7inch12. Surpisingly we did a great job and could finance four more 7inches. We ended the project with a CD called "Dichtmachen".

Cover art by the Austrian artist Herbert Schager

Live-presentations all over the country!

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1992 "Dichtmachen" Various Artists CD
1992 "Eat Your Heart Out / Stahlin" Krüppelschlag 7inch
1992 "20" (20 x 1 Minuten Stücke) Various Artists 7inch
1992 "Blind – Dead Men Tell No Tales" M.G. Firebug / "The Way It Is – Fall In" I.E.P. 7inch
1992 "Move Again – This Town" Annie Red Shirt / "Pathosfrühstück" Andreas KUMP & Gustav KUMP & Kevin KUMP 7inch
1991 S Sterben Various Artists 7inch
1991-12 "Jesus – Instrumental*" Enver Hoxha Fatalists / "Linza Buama" Linza Buam 7inch
1991-11 "Imagination – I Walk This Way" Monochrome Bleu / "Phenomenal Polypheme – Fall" Eros Maifeld 7inch
1991-10 "Shiverin‘ Hands – DASH" Der Paniktreibriegel / "Vaseline – Between Angels & Flies" Clouds Over Chrysler 7inch
1991-09 "On A Day – Society Is Bleeding Uncontrolled" Noyce / "Gegenbabel – Wortbuch" Big Dick Willy 7inch
1991-08 "Plottntölla – Oba da Beng" Die Goass / "3rd World Feed Da 1 st (live in Jena) – Free" Loud 7inch
1991-07 "Hot Velvet Sex – Black Velvet" Passengers / "Gasoline Road" McGregory´s 7inch
1991-06 "Poisonous- Death Valley 89 – Fly 10.000 Miles To Smoke A Camel" Krüppelschlag / "Broken Hearts – Dread By Men" Stand To Fall 7inch
1991-05 "Hoxidadei – Trance de Nero" Goodheart And It Beats / "House Without Windows – Hommage an die österreichische Bandlandschaft" IEP 7inch
1991-04 "Magic – Take Me" Females Under Tension / "1-2-3-4-5-SEX – Flowers On My Shoulders" Sex Sex Sex 7inch
1991-03 "From So Long To Goodbye – Respect" Dynamo Urfahr / "Please Gimme Something (Piece by Piece)" Muttertag 7inch
1991-02 "The Best – Mediocrity – Scene" Fuckhead 7inch
1991-01 "Sun Still Shines – Hotel Friendship – Show Me The Way" Sieben Sioux / Freunde / Felst 7inch

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Cover Art by Herbert Schager
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