Beats & Bytes I - IV - (V)

2003 - 2006

Beats & Bytes I - V

Curated by Wolfgang Fadi Dorninger

Eine Veranstaltung der Lehrveranstaltung "Labor Sound" im Rahmen der Studienrichtung "Experimentelles Gestalten" an der Kunstuniversität Linz.

BEATS & BYTES Pt. I - Times Up 2003

feat. Washer, Fluchtversuch, Fadi Dorninger, Parov Stelar aka Marcus Füreder, Joko 13, Aka Tell, Simon Wilhelm, uva.

BEATS & BYTES Pt. II - Kunstuniversität Linz 2004

Liveacts: Sirenee, Katarina Blei, Washer&Revolver Dogs, Joko13&beans, Le Gigolo / Frank Plastique / Dr. Schiwago, Stefan Siebenschlaf, Ji Won, Die Antwort

DJ's: Aka Tell & MC Wan, Parov Stelar aka Marcus Füreder

Visuals: Karo Szmit, graben 12

BEATS & BYTES Pt. III - Ars Electronica 2004

let the sound become flesh
Sonic performances, visual assault & turntable culture

Sounds from the outermost edge of the organless body of the music and the view into the void.

Ji Won
There is a sound.
People’s emotions are compressed into that sound. Sound Poetry & Voice recordings.

I collect adjectives.
I collect other emotions.
I mix those emotions together.
Did those emotions disappear?
Are the emotions hiding within the mixture of adjectives?

noise never sleeps
A Sound & Visuals Performance

In the visual-auditory blend of video works, no preference is granted to the picture. The image is not played out before the acoustic back- ground. The work’s tonal dimensions expand the visual information and, conversely, the graphic components endow the tonal traces with depth. The fragile pulsing of the living creature is perhaps the determinative figure in the acoustic impression made by the works. And these continually endangered life-movements lie protected in a bed of sound that is in turn extremely vulnerable.

Aka Tell
filtered leaf

Aka Tell is one of the people behind the temp~records label ( and the Backlab artists collective ( His live set works with a highly reduced variation of house music studded with pieces of experimental electronic scenery. Within the framework of the program, he will also act as DJ accompanied by MC Wan.

The Bitles
They come, they do, they leave without cleaning up. Expect the unexpected, nobody knows what’s going to happen. A mecha-electronic mélange.

Parov Stelar
The freedom of jazz with the groove of house and nujazz is the stylistic listing of Parov Stelar and his personal label, Etage Noir Recordings. Fanciful experiments with sounds from bygone days that lodge a claim to functionality addressed to both club audiences and listeners chilling at home.

Cherry Sunkist age delay (nuit)

Cherry Sunkist, former rock singer/guitarist and a part of the Linz artists collective a.s.a.p, will make her electronic debut tonight on the Stadtwerkstadt stage. For the performance entitled age delay (nuit) she playfully processes electro, vocals and video projections into a skin-osmosing, hydrating mixture that protects cellular nuclei from the effects of harm- ful environmental influences.

Katharina Blei

Inefficient electronics from multicolored plastic instruments, an old mixing console (feedback loop modulation), keyboards, walkmen, contact mikes, clarina, dulcimer, bass ... Music-making locations to date have included the Graz sewer system, the stairwell of the building at Brockmanngasse 93 in Graz and, occasionally, live on Radio Helsinki (free radio in Graz).

Washer this noise is a language

Washer worked together with Zimmer & the Guitar People on the recently released ambient album eat your friends but is also pursuing other directions as a solo act. Numerous coarsely modulated samples stack up to variation-rich beat-and-rhythm structures and blend together into a sort of absurd techno.

Stefan Siebenschlaf
Escapist Consequences of Multi-Year Walkman Use

… Another time, it starts with the confusion produced by the crackling of the protective wrapper of a pouch of tobacco. To ease the tension, a cool beer is opened. In search of a glass, a dusty old xylophone appears. Beneath it lies a golden harmonica—magnificent. The telephone rings yet again—one of the world’s last non-cell phones is making its last stand here. From the street below, the droning of motors. Enough already. Retreat. At this point, the processing of the individual impressions begins. The landscapes of the acoustic events are microscopically examined and reconnoitered. Playing with the fragments; color and form allow for variation; it’s fun …

The live performances of netaudio artist Joko13 represent a well selected blend of crackles, sampled snippets, glitch, moving groove patterns and a de-constructive approach when it comes to translating artistic vision into musical performance. The specific sound aesthetic is based on the use of digital artifacts, whereas tight and repetitive beat structures supply the necessary framework.

DJ Elwood
DJ Elwood is one of the founding fathers of the Linz DJ and free party scene, where, together with FLAVOUR FORCE, URAN-C and KPSS (KAPU PIRATEN SOUND SYSTEM), he celebrates unpredictable and unclassifiable sounds.

More info on Beats$Bytes Pt. III here!

BEATS&BYTES Pt. IV - Kling Klang Karacho 2005

KIM Sontags Abstrakt at p.p.c. Bar Neubaugasse 6, Graz

feat. Washer, Revolver Dogz, Cherry Sunkist, Horace

BEATS & BYTES Pt. V - 2006

Beats & Bytes Pt. V was planned as an sustainable open air. We tried hard to get enough budget from officials "who care about sustainablitiy" but we did not make it.

Here is the concept!

For more information:
Beats & Bytes Pt. III - Ars Electronica

Beats & Bytes I - IV - (V) Beats & Bytes I - IV - (V) Beats & Bytes I - IV - (V) Beats & Bytes I - IV - (V)