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1984 - 1994 (out of order)

A tapelabel run by Wolfgang Dorninger from 1984 - 1992. The label released excellent music from bands like PROBLEMIST, MAYBE MENTAL, PSYCLONES, MONOCHROME BLEU & JOSEF K. NOYCE. DIE IND was also famous for the TAPE REPORT series (magazine plus cassette) and the annual FADI SAMPLER LINZ which presented local music from fadis hometown Linz in Austria.

DIE IND 001 V.A. "Leider Nur Im Wohnzimmer" c-40 compilation - with R0I/ZSA ZSA & MONOCHROME BLEU - sold out

DIE IND 002 Monochrome Bleu "Dunkle Schwingungen" c-40 first tape Lp by MONOCHR0ME BLEU - sold out

DIE IND 003 - never released

DIE IND 004 V.A. "Musik zur besseren Verständigung" c-60 private edition - with L.Schatzl/JOSEF K. NOYCE/MONOCHROME BLEU - sold out

DIE IND 005 Monochrome Bleu "Monochrome Bleu" - c-60 second tape Lp by MONOCHR0ME BLEU. Our bestseller. sold out

DIE IND 005/11 Monochrome Bleu "Monochrome Bleu" c-6o new release for the CAUSE & EFFECT, Indianapolis. CAE release with "Tune-fear", "Shino Pt.1 & Pt.2" & "End Of Fear" as bonus tracks.

DIE IND 006 V.A. "FADI Sampler Linz Pt.1" c-60 The musical annual report of FADI'S hometown Linz, 1984. Musicians, painters & poets meet together - musically - sold out in 1 night

DIE IND 007 Split-cassette Monochrome Bleu "Live - Monochrome Bleu" / Josef K. Noyce "Tausende Schnitte" c-60 in cooperation with Cause 6 Effect, Indianapolis

DIE IND 008 Monochrome Bleu "What Ia A Linz?" c-46 this cassette lp is a cooperation with LADD-FRITH. The californian label is an outstanding underground label write to LADD-FRITH

DIE IND 009 Psyclones "We Are Different Thinking People" c-60 One of the most important US-underground bands of these days. An exclusiue DIE IND tape.

DIE IND 010 V.A. "TAPE REPORT NO.O" jan-june 86 c-6o a magazine with a c-60 tape. the voice of the tape underground, with music from the PSYCLONES, MAYBE MENTAL, VISCERA, PROBLEMIST, IF, BWANA, J0SEF K. NOYCE & MONOCHR0ME BLEU

DIE IND 011 Monochrome Bleu "Musik zur besseren Verständigung" c-46 soundtrack by Monochrome Bleu for the MUKU festival, Kassel, BRD

DIE IND 012 Josef K. Noyce "Bali - Alternative TV" c-46 the first solo cassette Lp by NOYCE , fantastic songs, experimental music highly recommended!

DIE IND 013 V.A. "FADI Sampler Pt.2 - Der Wellen Schrei" c-6o the secound FADI SAMPLER with a 4o page-booklet & fantastic music - the sound of a town, 1985

DIE IND 014 V.A. "TAPE REPORT No.1" july-dec 85 c-60 with a 4o page-booklet and stories about PROBLEMIST, UNS0UND, CONTROLLED BLEEDING ... N D magazine, a c-60 tape with music from the best underground bands. LISTEN!

DIE IND 015 Problemist "N-E-E-D-Y" c-60 May 86. A DIE IND tape-only release by the San Francisco based band of William Davenport. Listen their lp "9 TIMES SANITY" (Sordide Sentimental). limited edition.

DIE IND 016 V.A. "TAPE REPORT NO. 2" jan-june 86 c-60 with Elliott Sharp, Controlled Bleeding, Monoçhrome Bleu, Executive Slacks, ...., 1986

DIE IND 017 Maybe Mental "To Cease Burning" 1986 c-60 with special designed cover (sold out)

DIE IND 019 V.A. "FADI Sampler Linz Pt.3" c-60 The musical annual report of FADI'S hometown Linz, 1986. Sold out in 1 night.

DIE IND 020 V.A. "TAPE REPORT NO.3" c-60 with booklet, 1986

DIE IND 021 - not released

DIE IND 022 V.A. "TAPE REPORT NO.4" c-60 with booklet, 1987

DIE IND 023 MONOCHROME BLEU "US-Tour 1989" c-60 (also released via The AbySSS)

DIE IND 024 MONOCHROME BLEU "Live Tere" (Live at Proud Mary's Memphis, TN) c-60 (only released by Mystery Hearsay)

DIE IND 025 V.A. "FADI Sampler Linz Pt.4" c-60 with postcards, 1987

DIE IND 026 V.A. "FADI Sampler Linz Pt.5" c-60 with booklet, 1988

DIE IND 027 V.A. "TAPE REPORT NO.5" c-60 with booklet, 1990 Excellent music by Illusion Of Safety, Human Head Transplant, Scott Marshall, Monochrome Bleu, Josef K. Noyce, Nomuzic, Fuckhead, Krüppelschlag, Psyclones, Blackhouse, Immolation By Scum, Noyce & Ferbrache and Bouffant Jellyfish.

DIE IND 028 MONOCHROME BLEU "Stay or Go" c-60 Androsch, Dorninger & Resch in best condition. You can find some tracks on "Catfood", 1991

DIE IND 029 NOYCE "Use Power With Power" c-24 Noyce lost Josef K. in his name with Peter Androsch on guitar and geza Eisserer on different instruments.

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