24 Hours - Documentary

2022 -

24 Hours - Video documentation on Vimeo

Sound artist Wolfgang "Fadi" Dorninger performed and streamed live from his recording studio 24 hours - solo and with guests on February 26th, starting at 7pm CET (Vienna time) till February 27th at 7pm.

You can view, stream or purchase all music and sound art entries in detail on the "24 Hours" page at Vimeo.

24 HOURS by Dorninger from Wolfgang Dorninger on Vimeo.

Who is playing:

  • DORNINGER - Sound Art project by Wolfgang Dorninger
  • Wipeout - Step into the dark side of club music!
  • The Smiling Buddhas - Techno, Ambient
  • DRKMBNT - Live act that makes music exclusively with self-soldered instruments and sound tools.
  • Monochrome Bleu - 80ies Industrialized Pop Band (Disbanded in 1993, the band plays a concert once every 10 years.)
  • Josef K. Noyce - Sings Shakespeare (The band was part of the international cassette movement in the 80s and broke up in 1994.)
  • Bruckmayr_Dorninger - Realtime 3-D and "algo" sounds
  • and many more!

For more information: 24 Hours project page
Lineup of 24 Hours

Monochrome Bleu "USA Tour 1989" from Wolfgang Dorninger on Vimeo.

24 Hours - Documentary 24 Hours - Documentary 24 Hours - Documentary