Beyond The Water v.2

2012 Oct

Jenseits des Wassers / Beyond The Water v.2

Installation as part of the group exhibition "REPEAT, PLEASE...", an exchange project between austrian and icelandic artists, taking place in Seyðisfjörðurs/Iceland within the SKÁLAR Sound Art Festival.

„Their wonted liveries, and the mazed world, By their increase, now knows not which is which“ (Titanian Queen of the Fairies, in „A Midsummer Night's Dream“ by William Shakespeare)

„Beyond The Water" by Wolfgang Dorninger is a 4-channel sound installation on a silent place by the water from dawn to midnight. At this time digital and hybrid birds emerge from „beyond the water“ to mix up with the local bird population. „By their increase, now knows not which is which“. The lovely „bird“ songs and sounds create a sensual environment to contemplate or think about today's key topics like migration, evolution or biotech. The attempt of using technology to evoke leaps in quality in nature ahve to be discussed under the viewpoint that "culture can be against nature" (Patrick Dandrey). During my installation I create a metaphorical sound space in which hybrid birds thematize the distance between nature and media experience. The autonomous perception of nature creates a new reality through the hybrid.

Hybrid birds: Fulmarus glacialoides digitalis, Larus smithsonianus digitalis, Anas platyrhynchos & Anserinae digitalis, ....

Virtual birds: Alcedo atthis synthesis, Exotic birdtweet synthesis, Cygnus olor synthesis, ......

Fotos: Noamdenetappe

Wolfgang Dorninger
"Beyond The Water v.2", 2012
Sound Installation
Length ~8 minutes (played in loop)
Bird sounds of digital and hybrid creations
4 Channels, 4 Fullrange-Speaker with amplfiers), 1 DVD-Player, 1 Timer

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Beyond The Water v.2 Beyond The Water v.2